Egolt foundation is combined group of Professionals in the field of web and e-commerce. It has been started its work from spring of 2012. The main goal of this team is find some international ways for web and e-commerce for all of humans. We appreciate open-source worlds.

Meet the team


Soheil Novinfard

I’m Soheil Novinfard, founder and owner of Egolt foundation. I started to web design in 2000 year and write my first web application in 2005 year. I like Joomla!, because of its powerful extensible platform. I wrote my first extension for Joomla! in 2009 year. I’m working and developing in some PHP frameworks like yii, codeigniter and cakephp, also. Semantic web is one of my favorite field too. I love my motherland Iran and its people and our Persian Gulf.

Other Stockholders

Mehdi Niknami

I am a programmer and website designer based on Joomla! and PHP. I try to create beautiful, usable and professional websites using the latest W3C web standards guidelines, resulting in semantic and SEO friendly XHTML and CSS pages. Design and implementation Joomla! extensions is my another expertise. I always try to produce a powerful plugins ,modules and components for the Joomla! CMS. Also other efforts in creating online learning systems and e-commerce field is highlighted. My other specialization is MQL (metaquotes language) that can be noted as a milestone in production of Joomla! extensions . I hope that I can create new sight of e-commerce and Forex in web world with my knowledge in PHP and MQL.

Ahmadreza Shamimi

I’m Ahmadreza Shamimi a Web Developer with more than 10 years of well rounded experience. My skills include HTML, CSS, Security, Joomla Development. I have experience with Servers for Hosting and Voip technology, also. I’m working with some of content management systems including: WordPress ,PHPNuke, DataLife; but I prefer working with Joomla! and I like to develop extensions for Joomla! CMF.

Special thanks to our past members ‘Amir Sadeghi’ and ‘Mashhood Farahrooz’.

Joomla! Events that we have sponsored and attended

Joomla! Day 2012 Kerman – Iran

This is an ideal opportunity for the Persian Joomla community to come together & meet some of the Joomla experts and Joomla Farsi moderators.

This event will include speeches, presentations and workshops with a wide variety of topics.

For further information about this event, please click on the image

Egolt foundation is official sponsorship of this Joomla! event.

Official Website Joomla! Event Sponsorship Page

The First Joomla! Festival – 2012

Joomla! users are among the most creative and clever web designers and maybe Joomla! has had an effective role in this process, and Joomla’s improvement is for all these dear Fans.

All interested users in Joomla! Persian Language website festival are invited to register their websites.

This festival is held in 15 November 2012 in Kerman – Iran.

Egolt foundation is official sponsorship of this Joomla! event.

Official Website Joomla! Event Sponsorship Page