A new update released for all of the products and you need to update this version by downloading and installing it. (auto updating from your website not working for this release)

The new website launched to serve better experience to you. Now you can access our website with your smart phones and tablets. In addition, forums added to website, so you could track your support issues in less time and more efficient way.

We have just released new generation of our lovely extension "Egolt Like" with Lots of features, with Lots of controls.

The years went by and we approved our trusty for the best. Now we are in the second year of the life.

Egolt Archive sales model is witnessed four changes including commercial only presentation, multi site only subscriptions, reducing costs of subscriptions, and some gifts for previous subscribers !

This week Egolt user numbers reached the 1000, thanks for your trust! So we have provided a gift for our dear users, 30% discount on subscriptions until 31st August.

We present a new demo center for Egolt, which is very enjoyable than before, why? Because not only you see the demo of the products, but also you can be familiar with Persian and Iranian people and culture!

We added the new payment gateway, ZarinPal, for purchasing Egolt software subscriptions due to massive requests from Persian and Iranian users.

We enrich the documentation of Egolt Archive and now it is well-documented and easy-to-use for all dear users. Also the structure of the documentation changed a bit.

We were celebrating Egolt Birthday and Egolt New Portal with our team, after a slight delay, in Egolt Team 7th Meeting. Also one of our precious and previous member joined to this party!