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Egolt Voting

Egolt Voting

Let the users rate your contents!

Joomla! 3.x
Joomla! 2.5


This is a small and smart product ,including a plugin and a module, which enable the users rate your contents!

This product is fully free(including the download and updates). On the other hand, you can buy a subscription and get support.

★ Key features
- ✔ "Egolt Voting Plugin" for rate contents
- ✔ "Egolt Voting Module" for displaying top rated contents by duration
- ✔ Restrict the number of votes in the module
- ✔ Restrict the duration of votes (daily, weekly, ...) in the module
- ✔ Restrict to "Registered users only" option
- ✔ Display in "category" or "article" view
- ✔ Disable / Enable in chosen categories
- ✔ Disable in chosen articles
- ✔ Position (before or after content)
- ✔ Duration for voting again by visitors
- ✔ Add the Google Structured Data (Aggregate Rating)
- ✔ Ajax Technology
- ✔ Automatic Updates
- ✔ No Hidden Links
- ✔ Support available for subscribers


Egolt Voting Egolt Voting Egolt Voting Egolt Voting


You can download the packages of Egolt Voting here!


Egolt Voting have been provided with the following languages:

No language pack for your language? You can add it easily!

Open Source License

Egolt Voting is an Open Source web-based product. It is in compliance with the GNU/GPL license:
GNU General Public License, version 2

Also, you can read about additional terms according to Section 2 of GNU/GPL V2 in Terms & Conditions page.