Translations could help users from different countries to use the products in the right way and localized them. So all of the Egolt products have the ability to translate them in other languages (we provide this with Joomla! native abilities). On the other hand, it could help good translators to be known by Egolt and Joomla! community.

Thanks to all kind and active people who have supplied us with translations for the Egolt products. Here are translators information for each Egolt products:

Egolt Project
Arabic (Unitag)ar-AAhf500 (hasan)
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)ar-SAahmadalfy
Catalanca-ESTraducat Team
Englishen-GBEgolt ™
Estonianet-EERivo Zängov
Persianfa-IREgolt ™
Hungarianhu-HUSándor Balikó
Polishpl-PLStefan Wajda
Russianru-RUOleg M
Turkishtr-TRKaya Zeren
Egolt Voting
Englishen-GBEgolt ™
Persianfa-IREgolt ™
Egolt Archive
Englishen-GBEgolt ™
Persianfa-IREgolt ™
Egolt Tooltip
Englishen-GBEgolt ™
Persianfa-IREgolt ™
Egolt Like
Englishen-GBEgolt ™
Persianfa-IREgolt ™
Egolt Playtable

Set your name and information

The translator details are taken from the "TRANSLATED_BY" string you can find in the translations files on Transifex (see below for more info on Transifex):

TRANSLATED_BY="Translator Name <Email> Website - change it with translator information"

That is the very first string in each file. Just add/correct your details there. If some languages have more than one translators, just separate them with comma sign(,).

No language pack for your language?

We welcome you to help out and get involved with translations for Egolt products.

We are using Transifex for the translations of all Egolt products. So I kindly ask you to join Transifex.

You can find all the Egolt products here and start translating them:

If you have any problem about translations, you can contact with us:

 info [at] egolt [dot] com