Changing in Egolt Archive sales model

Egolt Archive sales model is witnessed four changes including commercial only presentation, multi site only subscriptions, reducing costs of subscriptions, and some gifts for previous subscribers !

We had changes the sales model in Egolt Archive for better services and including new features for subscribers. Let’s look at these shifts.


Commercial Only Presentation

From today on-wards, 21st August 2013, the Egolt Archive product will be presented only in commercial section and no free release will be provided for it. There are many reasons have been put forward for this decision, but the major causes are providing faster releases for this product, using Egolt Framework only as the core of Egolt commercial products, and ,last but not least, the specific (not public) usage of the product. On the other hand, the Egolt Archive Public forum have been locked and now the topics of this forum are just readable. Subscribers can use tickets to get supports, same as in the previous.


Multi Site only subscriptions

We had “one year single site subscriptions” level for this product before, but now all subscription levels will be available for multi site usage. Furthermore, new “3 months multi site subscription” level is added.


Reducing costs of subscriptions

The costs of subscriptions had been broken and near %7 to %12 deflation is applied in all subscription levels.

Level Previous Price New Price Reducing Rate
3 Months $25 $22 %12
6 Months $40 $45 %12
1 Year $75 $70 %7


Some gifts for previous subscribers

After these changes in Egolt Archive sales model, we decided to have some gifts for all previous subscribers. The previous subscribers get a gift of Free one level upgrade! The table below shows these upgrades.

Previous Level Upgraded Level
1 Year Single Site 6 Months Multi Site
6 Month Multi Site 1 Year Multi Site
1 Year Multi Site 2 Year Multi Site