New Egolt demo center, Enjoy the contents!

We present a new demo center for Egolt, which is very enjoyable than before, why? Because not only you see the demo of the products, but also you can be familiar with Persian and Iranian people and culture!

We usually see some pre-defined and repeated contents in demo center of most the products which are not very interesting, besides sometimes they are annoying. But we change this tradition for your, dear Egolt users.

In new demo center, you can read some appealing contents about Iran and Persian people from different views: attractions, celebrities, athletes, poets, scientists and artists. Also you can like or dislike the contents by the Egolt Like product.

On the other hand, Egolt products are updated now and latest releases are replaced. Furthermore, all additional 3rd parties and content sources which are compatible with Egolt Archive, removed from demo center duo to some security reasons.